Overcome limitations—bring about freedom for the body, mind & soul.

I help people unleash their potential and create a life that inspires them. Now is the time to explore within us, remember, reconnect, revitalise and raise the vibration and help create a new kind of world. It's time to wake up now — are you ready?

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The Issue

Modern life is overwhelming; additionally, we neglect the different aspect of ourselves. Most of us tend to focus on the physical or emotional body, ignoring the intellectual and spiritual bodies, which is why I created the Symmetry Programme.

It helps you to explore all possibilities and gives you the chance to understand yourself better, examine your beliefs and values, remember who you are and where you want to go—rapidly.

Naturally, I made some wrong turns along the way, which means I can support you in avoiding many pitfalls. The blend of applied psychology, breathwork, meditation, chi energy work and nutrition has helped me to find harmony and balance.

Now I'm on a mission to support and mentor people just like yourself; to shake off limiting beliefs so that you achieve clarity and uncover those blind-spots.

Symmetry Programme is a highly bespoke and flexible programme structured to help achieve the best outcomes for you—whatever your beliefs or current situation.

About Me

I went through an awakening back in 2001 that changed my life for the better. I was introduced to meditation and started to question everything I thought about who I was. I realised I had denied this aspect of myself which was fundamental to my overall stablitity.

That propelled a journey of self-discovery that took me around the world, spending time with indigenous tribes and enlightened souls.

Through that journey, I let go of my painful past, dropped labels that didn't serve, and liberated myself of much of the belief engines I was operating within and created a balance between my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves.

I have the tools and experience to assist you to overcome what has held you back from creating the reality you want up until now.

I'm a fully qualified, accredited and comprehensively insured Counsellor, Chi Energy Practitioner and Herbalist.




Symmetry Programme 1:1 online or in person Mentoring with on-going support via phone, video & messaging.

  • —NLP Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • —Cognitive Hypnotherapy
  • —Breath work
  • —Meditation
  • —Chi energy work
  • —Gut & brain health
  • —Remedies, tonics & balms

Participants of the Symmetry Programme are given a dedicated, bespoke and supportive framework, and follow up sessions are available to you after you finish the programme.

Get in Touch

The best way to understand whether I can help you is to have a chat. I offer a powerful conversation to do precisely that, to see whether there is a 'fit' and whether I think I can help you and whether you think I am the right person for you.

Every journey starts with a first step.
Take yours now.

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